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What is Gem Coin? What are the risks

What is gem coin? Why are gem coins risky? Where and how can we buy gem coins?

Gem coins are the new ones. The probability of getting scammed is 80%. They are the coins that no one knows, The ones who have not proven themselves. If there is no solid team behind it, there is no possibility of promotion. Advertising is very important in coins. As the money is collected in the pool, your money will increase.

The first coins are not always gems. When a big team comes out, it's already listed everywhere. If the coins that do not have a solid back do not get support, your money will disappear. It should be well researched.

Your $50 may be $100,000. Your $100,000 could be $50.

Gem coins involve high risk.

You can get gem coins from Pancakeswap. You can use PooCoin to review its charts.

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24.8.2021 Crypto

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