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Trustwallet or metamask? Which one should i use?

Which wallet should I use? Metamask or Trustwallet? In this section we will examine it

I've used both. Both have their pros and cons. Let me remind you this. Whichever you use. Never lose the given 12 words. Wallets are just intermediaries. Your money does not stay in your wallet. Your money resides on the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain network.

Trust Wallet is a wallet.They have their own money: TWT. Current price: 1.00 $

It will be greatly appreciated in the future. (not investment advice).You can buy it from Binance. 

Why will it be valued?: Supported by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. @cz_binance's coin is BNB. but his second coin is TWT

Trust Wallet is very simple to use. But it only supports binance smart chain network. (bsc)

Some coins support Trust Wallet. And it shows the price on its home page. It only finds ios and android apps. You cannot use it from a computer.

But metamask is used both from phone and computer.

There is an app on the phone. It works stably in Chrome and Mozilla on the computer.

If you are also operating on a computer, use Metamask. You can also open an account that you created from one, from the other. Because these are just a middleware wallet program.

Just remember the 12 words given when registering.

Trustwallet browser has only one tab. But you can open many tabs in metamask. This is a must for both following the chart and trading.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. I am using both. You can ask what's on your mind

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24.8.2021 Crypto

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